Praying is the best way

Thank you so much for the story “Jimmy Was the Answer” in the May 1995 issue. I had exactly the same problem. After reading the story, I was deeply moved and I found the answer immediately. Praying is the best way to communicate with our Heavenly Father, and I know that he will always be there listening whenever and wherever we pray wholeheartedly.

Sam Tsai
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Reminded her

Thank you so much for the June 1995 special issue. I really enjoyed reading it, and I especially enjoyed the poem “I Hold His Book” by Julie Batty. The poem reminded me of my own situation. I never really used to read the scriptures unless I had to. But now I read them every night. The article “The Scriptures—Written for You” made me appreciate the scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon. Thank you again.

Sue-Anne Dixon
East London, South Africa


I am a returned missionary and have been reading the New Era since I first arrived in the mission field. We were lucky enough to get a monthly supply of the magazine. I really enjoy it. All the vivid stories and testimonies of other Saints in the world uplift me, and I know they do the same thing for people in other areas.

Rasam B. Gunting
Sorsogon, Philippines

A hope strengthener

I am a 40-year-old who joined the Church 12 years ago. I started reading the New Era because I home-teach a family with teenagers. I wanted to understand some of the challenges teenagers face and how the Church can help them overcome those challenges. I didn’t expect the powerful effect your magazine is having on my own testimony. Almost every article I read gives me a good feeling and a resolve to do better in my life. If there is one thing I could do, it would be to encourage the youth of the Church to read the New Era. Thank you for strengthening my hope in the future.

Larry Beck
Tigard, Oregon

Turned around

I want to say thanks for your Q&A in the July 1995 issue on pairing off with one person before you’re 16. The article finally stuck into my head that I can sneak behind my parents, but not behind God. I’ve always known that dating is not supposed to happen until the age of 16, but I never really cared. I’d always say, “Oh, it’s okay because she does it” or “It’s okay as long as my parents don’t find out.” Many of my friends have a so-called partner. So did I. After reading the article, I turned around.

Taylor Smith
Hemet, California


We really have to thank the New Era for publishing the article “Her Sister’s Keeper” (July 1995). As sisters, we know how hard family life can be. These sisters are a good example to us of how we should be living our lives. We also have gone through some difficult times, but we have successfully uprooted our problems. Thanks again for being such a good example to us, and thanks to the New Era for publishing such a great article.

Kris and Katie Wilde
Provo, Utah