Questions answered

I would like to express my appreciation for the Q&A in the July 1995 issue. It answered a lot of my questions about the dating scene and having “special friends” before turning 16. I really love reading the New Era. It helps me have the Spirit that I feel on Sunday with me all week.

Allison Blackham
Newdale, Idaho

Meant a lot

I’m writing to you about the story “He’s My Brother” (July 1995). As I read it, I was really touched. I thought the youth conference plan was such a good idea, allowing Travis a chance to feel special. That story meant a lot to me. I’ve only been a member of the Church two years, and the New Era has helped me so much to have an understanding of difficult situations.

Keilly Shaw
Newcastle Emlyn, Wales

Great impact

When I received the June 1995 issue, I opened it to the article “Why Me?” The title had a great impact on me right away because I used to ask myself that question when my parents separated and later divorced. Although I have gotten over their divorce, I had never realized if I hadn’t been a part of my family I might not have had the gospel in my life. The article really helped me understand why my life is like it is.

Lavada Dunford
Chugiak, Alaska

Clothes not everyone wears

I really enjoy reading the New Era every month. It’s a great magazine that’s informative, interesting, uplifting, and inspiring. One thing bothers me, though. Each article has illustrations that portray people wearing clothing common to the upper class—usually with no variation in style. From experience, I know that not everyone wears these kinds of clothes. Some can’t afford them, and others may choose a different style. Do you suppose that this may be intimidating to those who don’t fall into this category? Perhaps some changes in this area would be appreciated.

Juli Kelsey
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Feeling of togetherness

Since I live in the “mission field,” I am one of very few LDS youth in our county. Frequently I feel isolated from the positive influence of other Church members. The New Era brings so much into my life each month. Thank you for renewing a feeling of togetherness with other LDS youth.

Kate Pieper
Beaver Dam, Kentucky

More good things

Thanks for printing the story “Erosion” in the July 1995 New Era. Now I try to do more good things to other people so it will make my Heavenly Father happy.

Kari Rempel
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The three M’s

Thanks for those awesome Mormonads, Mormonisms, and the Messages. One of my favorite stories is the fictional piece “Cool Ben Grundy” (July 1995). That story taught me the true definition of the word cool. Thanks for the laughter and for the tears. And thanks for the testimony builders.

Eli Smith
Julian, California