A bit concerned

I am a bit concerned about the story “Friends in Deed” (Oct. 1995). It was a cute story, and it was well written. The problem I had was that it appeared to make dating a nonmember okay. All my life I have been taught to date Church members. But the story seemed to be saying it is okay to date outside the Church as long as it is for a missionary purpose. The counsel we have been given is to date members of the Church with high standards. It is true that we can influence others to investigate the Church by our example. I would rather have someone investigate the Church to find out if it is true than have them investigate because they like me. I do appreciate your hard work in making the New Era not only possible but uplifting.

Sister Jessica Tilton
New Hampshire Manchester Mission

A companionship’s companion

As a missionary, I always look forward to zone conference, where the New Era and Ensign are given to each companionship. The stories bring me up when I am down and also teach me gospel principles to enlighten me. I just want to thank you for helping me out so much.

Elder Anthony Bair
Birmingham Alabama Mission

Makes a difference

Like you, I enjoy the valiant voices of youth. It has been an added blessing to teach 18 of them in early-morning seminary the last three years. Having the New Era to bind us as one is wonderful. Your inspiration, service, knowledge, and expertise in doing this great work in these last days are indeed pearls of spiritual strength for youth throughout the world. It does make a difference in our lives. We are blessed from your efforts.

Mary Jean James
Brookings, Oregon

Likes a lot

I want to tell you how much I like your magazine. I especially liked the fiction story “Cool Ben Grundy” (July 1995). The Mormonisms are funny and the Mormonads are the best.

Laura Bennett
Sandy, Utah

Very uplifting

I am very grateful you publish the New Era. The stories and features in it are very uplifting, especially the Question and Answers and For Your Info. Please keep up the good work because the issues help in strengthening my testimony.

Ndaizivei Spiwe Mutyamaenza
Zimbabwe, Africa

A divine reminder

I think your magazine is wonderful and inspirational. However, I was wondering if you could print more pictures with biblical motifs? I cut these Bible story pictures out and use them for art and decorative purposes to remind me of my divine goals.

Megan Pase
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Realized a lot

I can’t thank you enough for printing the article “Serious Questions, Serious Answers” in the October 1995 New Era. It came just in time for me. I realized a lot about myself and my life as I read Elder Richard G. Scott’s words. Your inspiration is wonderful and important in my life.

Name Withheld
Olympia, Washington