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July 1996


The Message:

Who Am I?
by Elder Monte J. Brough

How I Know:

I’ll Be Waiting
by Jennifer Rosier
A Hint from Heaven by Jeanette Waite Bennett
Side by Side by Adrian Robert Gostick
Growth Spurt by Hannah Douglas
Q&A: Questions and Answers
Noteworthy Norwegians by Janet Thomas
Catch a Snapping Turtle by Ron Whipple
Joseph’s Journey by Lisa M. Grover
Over the Mountain by Hartt Wixom
FYI: For Your Info
What’s Cookin’? by Marjorie Humphreys and Jeanette Waite Bennett


Staying Afloat
by Elder Dallas N. Archibald
Your Good Name by Janette C. Hales Beckham
Nauvoo Sunstones by Jennie Lynn Brown
Photo of the Month