Only a Prayer Away

Words and music by Margo Faraoni

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    First-Place Song

    1. In my home up above, such a short time ago,

    I prepared for a mission on earth.

    Such a faraway land, what a strange, foreign place,

    was I ready for my chance at birth?

    There would be trials ahead, time for learning and growth.

    I’d experience sadness and pain.

    “Dear Father,” I cried, “will you stay by my side?”

    Then lovingly came this refrain:


    “Child, I will always be near you

    to watch you and guide you back home.

    I know of your fears, your heartaches and tears,

    but with me you are never alone.

    At times the way won’t be easy.

    You’ll see many choice souls go astray.

    But be patient and strong, and I’ll help you along,

    for I’m only a prayer away.”

    2. Once again I prepare for a mission on earth

    with a call sent from Father above.

    Far away I will go, far from people I know.

    Am I ready to leave those I love?

    I’ll be serving the Lord, bringing souls back to Him.

    On His arm I must always rely.

    “But, Father, what if they won’t listen?” I asked.

    Then He spoke this loving reply:


    Copyright © 1996 by Margo Faraoni. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial home and church use. This notice must be included on each copy made.

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