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    Answers are intended for help and perspective, not as pronouncements of Church doctrine.

    I live in a remote area and my parents aren’t very active in the Church. I have trouble getting to my meetings on Sunday. How can I feel more involved in the Church?

    New Era

    It’s difficult to work things out so you can stay involved in Church activities when you are doing it all by yourself. The most important thing of all is to make a personal commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost. If you continue to do the things you know are right, then everything will work together for your good. As your parents see the example you are setting, they may become more interested in being active themselves. Your activity in the Church, however, should not be a point of contention. Be respectful of your parents.

    However, you also need the companionship of other strong members of the Church, so it is important that you make every effort to stay involved. Our readers have submitted a list of suggestions that might help.

    Talk to your parents. If you are old enough to drive, your parents might agree for you to drive the car to church meetings. Be sure to drive carefully and return home on time. Don’t abuse your privileges. If you earn money, you could also pay for the gas you use.

    Don’t be shy. Tell your leaders at church about your difficulties getting transportation to meetings. Perhaps rides can be worked out with other members. Allow others to be of service if they offer to help.

    Take responsibility. Don’t leave things to the last minute or to chance. If you know you will need a ride, try to arrange it in advance so others can make plans. That’s only polite.

    Be prompt. If you are catching a ride with someone, be ready and waiting for them on time. Also, when they are ready to leave the activity or church, be sure they know where you are and be ready to leave when they are.

    Keep the Sabbath holy. If you cannot attend church every Sunday, try to do the things that set the Sabbath day apart from the rest of the week. Read your scriptures. Read Church magazines. Write in your journal and work on family history. Fast and pray.

    Keep up on seminary. Stay up-to-date on your home-study seminary. Or if you have the opportunity to attend early-morning seminary, be sure to go.

    Pray always. Even though your situation may not be what you would choose, 24 says, “Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good.”

    Learning to be strong and true to the gospel at a young age will help you all through your life. Look upon your current difficulties as a test that you can learn from and that can help you become stronger. Be consistent and try to attend church as often as possible. You will be blessed for your efforts.


    You should talk with your parents, voice your concerns, and tell them how important this is to you. Participate in seminary home study. Volunteer to organize family home evenings, daily family prayer, and scripture study. Be an example to your parents.

    Ben Anderson, 16 Selkirk, Manitoba

    Call your church friends or your Sunday teachers and find out what the lessons were about. Work out rides to church and to other activities with your home teachers or other members. Be sure to read your scriptures daily to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Jane Spencer, 16 Edmonton, Alberta

    Read and ponder the scriptures. Have personal prayer. Use the phone to keep in contact with members of the Church. Hang out with active youth if they go to the same school. Try to go to youth activities.

    Nathan Dupuis, 16 St. Telesphore, Quebec

    Try to participate in as many activities as possible. At times, you can offer to have an activity at your house with permission.

    Kristina Aloi, 15 St. Hubert, Quebec

    Church members are quite well known for being helpful. When my mother has trouble getting me to an activity, I am not ashamed to ask another member for a ride. Ask your Father in Heaven to give you guidance about who to ask.

    Tony S. Easton, 15 Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

    You can feel more involved in the gospel by getting out to as many activities as you can and surrounding yourself with other Church members who are trying to live the gospel. Let your leaders know of your situation.

    Taralynn Sadler, 18 Clearbrook, British Columbia

    Do your best to attend your meetings as much as you can. As well I would try to do as much service as you can even in your own neighborhood. If you think about it, the gospel is based upon Jesus Christ, who dedicated his life to giving service.

    Mori Kickbush, 17 Victoria, British Columbia

    Find a pen pal in the Church. This way when you are feeling discouraged, you can write to your new friend. Also remember to read your scriptures and pray.

    Tara Pederson, 14 Sherwood Park, Alberta

    If I cannot get a ride to church, I phone one of my friends and ask what was discussed in Sunday School and priesthood and ask what scriptures we are to read for the next week. I also pray for the opportunity to attend meetings.

    James Stewart, 17 Pointe-Claire, Quebec

    [photo] Photography by Bryant Livingston; posed by model

    [illustration] Whether obtaining the brass plates or building a ship, Nephi’s response was to “do the things which the Lord hath commanded,” knowing that the Lord would “prepare a way” (1 Ne. 3:7). If we try to fulfill our obligations and attend our meetings, often the Lord will help open the way for us. (Painting Nephi Rebuking His Rebellious Brothers by Arnold Friberg.)