Persevering, each ray

fights its way from the sun

to bake the dry earth

and boil the warm sea.

Fierce gusts of wind,

devoid of caution,

whip around trees

and under the eaves of the house.

A home, a place of shelter,

a place of worship,

a place filled with respect and love.

Safely inside we watch,

spectators of a miracle.

Waves rise and fall,

washing rocks smooth

and gaining momentum

as dusk comes upon us.

Slowly gray-black clouds roll

to hide the darkening

royal blue sky.

For a moment there is silence;

It seems as if all is asleep,

But a resounding BOOM,

and a fading rumble

precede a flash so bright,

a light of magnificent voltage.

And our Lord controls it all,

So be thankful for storms …

even in paradise.