Camping, boating, swimming
Hot summer days
Inviting all my cousins over for a barbecue,
Together, as a family.
The sound of his voice
The happiness in his laughter
All slowing as he became sick
The color in his face slowly draining away.
I remember his frail body
Trying desperately not to show
The pain in his sunken eyes,
His small, weak voice calling for help.
His pale skin clinging to his tired bones
Hanging on for life
Not wanting to go.
Torn between two worlds,
Loved ones on both sides.
Finally the hour is come
Tears fill his eyes
My mother gently sobbing, “It’s okay to go.”
His spirit leaves his body
He’s gone.
It seems so unreal
It hasn’t quite sunk in
He’s in his room
He’s in the hospital
He’ll be back in a couple weeks.
When he first died
I couldn’t remember his face.
Home movies
Help me to remember.
Now he is with his Father.
I will see him soon someday
And he will be the way he was.
I love you, Dad.