What she already knows

Thank you so much for printing the article “Is It True?” (Feb. 1999). I, too, have often wondered if the Book of Mormon is true, and I’m also a good member of the Church. This article touched me with my own knowledge of not asking for what I already know. Testimonies are important, but if we just look instead of continually asking, I think we will find that we know. Again, thank you for the inspired magazine you publish.

Jane Bitner
Grantsville, Utah

Trying and trying

I want to thank you for “Is It True?” (Feb. 1999). It really touched base with me. I was trying and trying to find a sure answer, and then I read that article and it hit me. I do know. I just had to realize it.

Margrethe Hassell
Winterport, Maine

Hitting home

I would like to thank you for the fiction story in the January 1997 issue called “Time Balm.” My older brother died when I was 10, and it was really hard understanding why it had to happen. I still don’t know, but I know my brother would want me to stay faithful and do what I know is right. “Time Balm” really hit home. Thanks again.

Elizabeth Brown
Delta, Colorado (via e-mail)

Not feeling welcome

I just finished reading the February 1999 New Era and a Feedback letter concerned me. I am a recent convert, and I have also felt similar feelings of not feeling welcome. I have had a difficult time fitting in with the already-strong cliques, and my parents did not join with me so I have a hard time explaining my newfound beliefs. Thank you for printing that letter.

Kristy L. Sims
Freeman, Virginia

Because of Him

Thank you for putting out that poem “I Remember” (Feb. 1999). It made me cry. My dad passed away when I was training in Texas, and I still can’t accept the fact that he’s gone. I miss him very much. At the end of the poem it said, “I will see him soon someday and he will be the way he was.” I’m so grateful for our Savior. Because of Him, I will see my dad again, the way he was.

Kate Gaco-Escalera
Travis Air Force Base, California (via e-mail)

A realization

Thanks for “My Kind of Hero” in the March 1999 New Era. I was drinking, using drugs, and committing other very serious sins. Seeing how Jennifer had time to help others made me think about my life. Now I want to go out and help others. I want to bring others into our church. I realize that what I have done is wrong and I am doing everything I can to get back on the straight and narrow path.

Name Withheld
Phoenix, Arizona