It’s worth it

Thanks for the article “Roots and Branches” (Aug. 1999). I love to hear about the youth all over the world, knowing they go through the same challenges as I do. There aren’t many LDS youth in our small town, so I know how frustrating it can be. But I know that wherever I am, the Church is true, making it all worth it.

Danielle Taylor
Stephenville, Texas

Branching out

I’m very happy you published “Roots and Branches” in the August 1999 issue. I live in a small town in Michigan. We are small in number, but the Spirit is strong. I love my branch because, like in Broken Hill, we are also very close to each and every member. I’m very thankful I’m a member who knows all the people in our branch.

Crystal Gerhardt
Oscoda, Michigan


Thank you so much for printing the article “Leaving Home” (May 1999). I was at a five-day camp without my family or friends, and I only knew two nonmember boys from my school. I was in a cabin with all nonmember girls who were cussing, taking the Lord’s name in vain, and not dressing modestly. During free time I was reading this story, and I realized I wasn’t alone. It also helped me to try to find some LDS kids at camp, which I did. After that, I enjoyed the rest of camp with my new friends.

Adrianna Curtis
Payson, Arizona

Please continue

I’m 17 years old and have been a member of the Church my whole life. I never became really interested in the New Era until recently. I took the March 1999 issue out of the mailbox and sat down to read it. I liked some of the stories in it so much that I went to previous issues my mom had saved. I started reading old issues daily. I am very thankful for this magazine, and I look forward to it each month. I would like to particularly thank you for the July 1999 issue and the story “He Was a Stranger.” I loved that story, and it really touched me. Please continue making this magazine as well as you do.

Lukas Molcak
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (via e-mail)

Seeing family progress

Thank you for the article “A Grateful Heart” (Sept. 1999). Reading it has made me realize that even though I am helping my family through their physical challenges at this moment, I have a blessing and that is seeing my family progress in getting better with the assistance of our Heavenly Father.

Pilialoha J. Moylan
Dededo, Guam (via e-mail)

A real inspiration

I would just like to say how much I love the New Era. It has been a real inspiration in my life that shows me how I should treat my neighbors and family. When I read the New Era it gives me a warm comfortable feeling about the gospel.

Jennifer Broadhead
Magna, Utah (via e-mail)

Re-reading was rewarding

I can’t thank you enough for the article “Twice Blessed” (Aug. 1999). I think you guys wrote it just for me. I received my patriarchal blessing recently and felt like I just wasn’t special. But when I opened up the New Era and read that story, I decided to read my blessing again. That’s when I read things in my blessing that stuck out that hadn’t earlier. It’s funny how things can look different.

Laura Sanders
Las Vegas, Nevada