Reader’s Guide

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Creative ideas for using this issue of the New Era.

Member Missionary Work

  • Read Elder Russell M. Nelson’s message, “A Gift from God,” on page 4 about the Book of Mormon. Buy an inexpensive copy of the Book of Mormon and highlight your favorite passages about the Savior. Give the book to a friend, including your written testimony in the front cover.

Personal Improvement

  • Do you have a much younger sibling or cousin you wish you were closer to? Read “Letter from Brett” on page 40 for some inspiration. Then write the individual a heartfelt letter to be read on a birthday or other special occasion.

Leadership Tip

  • At your next quorum or class presidency meeting, talk about the activities you think have worked well in the past. Then discuss some areas that need improvement, and make an action plan of how they can be improved. Read Q&A on page 16 for inspiration. Be sure to consider the talents and needs of your class or quorum members.

Young Men and Young Women Activity Ideas

  • “Just Hanging Out” on page 8 gives ideas for activities you can do with your friends without getting into trouble. Invite some of the young adults in your ward to participate on a panel of “experts” at your next weeknight activity. Have them present their thoughts on fun things you can do with your friends. Then have a Q&A session with them using questions from the audience.

Laurel Value or Eagle Project

  • The Word of Wisdom is very important, not only because it is a commandment, but also because it helps you protect your physical health. Through an education campaign, spread the word about the dangers of smoking. Contact your local health department or community center for ideas on providing a public service.

Seminary Devotional

  • Read “How to Get an Answer” on page 46. Bring a padlock to class with numerous keys. Have someone try to open the lock selecting only one key. Point out that to be successful, the person will have to “study it out” or try several keys to find the right one. Compare it to the advice given by Elder Merrill C. Oaks on keys to making wise decisions.