Idea List: Tuning In

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Whether you attend at the Conference Center, watch on TV, or view the videos, you can participate in general conference in a personal and meaningful way. Here are some how-to’s.

Tuning In

April’s general conference is fast approaching. If you begin to prepare for it now, you can benefit more from the counsel of the prophets, Apostles, and other Church leaders. Here are a few ideas to try.


  • Start thinking now about questions or concerns you have. Write them down, and pray that you will find solutions and guidance during conference.

  • Do those things which invite the Spirit into your life so you will have a better understanding of what will be taught.

  • Have a willing heart, ready to obey the words of the prophets.

  • Be awake for conference. Get a good night’s sleep.

  • Prepare a notebook, pens, your scriptures, and anything else you might need.

  • Be on time.


  • Attend or view all the sessions, including the priesthood session for priesthood bearers.

  • Listen carefully—not just to the speakers, but to the prayers and songs also.

  • Keep notes, including any inspiration you might receive during conference.

  • Listen earnestly for answers to the questions you have.

  • Between conference sessions, participate in activities that will invite the Spirit.


  • Follow the prophets by obeying their counsel.

  • Remember the inspiration you had while you were listening to conference. Make goals right away to motivate you to do what you felt inspired to do.

  • Reread the conference talks in the May Ensign. Studying the words of the prophets again will help you remember their most current counsel for you.

[illustration] Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh