Reader’s Guide

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Creative ideas for using this issue of the New Era.

Family Home Evening Ideas

  • After reading “He Will Never Let You Down” on page 4, find a picture of Jesus Christ for each member of the family. Have each family member take a small strip of paper and write the words “I will never let you down” and attach it to the bottom of the picture. Encourage them to put their picture somewhere they will see it often.

  • Have each family member bring a copy of the Book of Mormon to family home evening. Read together parts of the article, “More Precious than Gold” on page 20. Read together the Introduction page of the Book of Mormon. Also read the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith just following the testimonies of the witnesses at the beginning of the Book of Mormon.

Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women Activity Ideas

• Under the direction of your bishop or branch president and your adult leaders, organize a ward or branch service day. If appropriate, you could invite the older Primary children to join you. With the help of ward members, make a list of people who need specific help around their homes such as yard upkeep, window washing, or painting. Make sure that the people assigned have the right equipment for the jobs. Meet in a central place for refreshments after everyone is finished.

Personal Improvement

• Do you have a bad habit you would really like to change? You can do it if you follow some of the suggestions in the Idea List, “Breaking Bad Habits” on page 11. After identifying the habit you would like to change, place reminders, like a note on the inside of your bedroom door or a string or ribbon tied around your wrist, to stick with your goal. Or to keep track of the number of days you have avoided your bad habit, make a paper chain with a link for each day you have succeeded.

Seminary Devotional Idea

• Ask the students to stand and turn around, facing the back of the classroom. While their backs are to you, explain briefly about the principle of repentance. You may want to use the information in the Bible Dictionary. Explain that true repentance means turning towards our Savior. Ask the class to turn around while you hold up a picture of the Savior.

Value Project Idea

• After reading Q&A on page 16, prepare a booklet of group-date suggestions. Have your Young Women class brainstorm for ideas. Ask your parents about fun activities they remember doing. Ask your seminary class to participate. Make a list of the best ideas and offer to share them with your Young Women or your seminary classes.