More than a Medallion

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Working for a medallion is actually a journey to find out what things you enjoy, who you really are, and what hidden talents you have.

Are you working on earning your Young Womanhood Recognition? If so, you’ve likely discovered there’s a lot more to Personal Progress than earning a shiny silver or gold medallion. It’s a way for you to reach your divine potential.

Girls all over the world are working toward the same goals. Here are some of their inspiring stories and testimonies about Personal Progress to encourage you on your own journey through the Young Women program.

Writing on the Rubble

“Personal Progress helps me become a better person and develop qualities and values that will be helpful when working with other people, looking for an eternal companion, raising a family, and fulfilling Church callings. One of my most special experiences with Personal Progress happened when I was working on my Good Works project.

“To complete the project, I served candies and drinks at a transportation business in Salt Lake City. This business shipped big pieces of the buildings that were destroyed in the September 11 attacks to California. The pieces were to be melted and shaped into a memorial for the firemen and officers who died while helping others.

“It was amazing how many people came to see the pieces of the buildings. People cried and stayed for hours. The pieces had been signed by people who had been to Ground Zero in New York City. I was touched by the people’s signatures and notes to loved ones on the metal. They wrote notes of encouragement to keep going, to live life to the fullest, and to always remember. Realizing how deeply the terrorist attacks had affected people’s lives gave me an appreciation and love for what I have.

“After finishing my Good Works project, I was even more determined to finish my Personal Progress.”
Cassie Holbrook, 16
Oak Woods Ward, Kaysville Utah Crestwood Stake

“Danny Boy”

“I sing and play the piano and violin. For a Personal Progress project, my older sister Marinda and I performed at a rest home every Sunday morning. This gave me the opportunity to share my talents and to make those people happy. It was also fun for my family, who helped me when they could.

“One Sunday we asked the elderly people if they had any favorite songs they would like us to sing next week. One sweet lady said she loved ‘Danny Boy.’ This was a song my family knew well. But when we prepared our music, we decided not to do ‘Danny Boy’ because we figured that lady would have forgotten, and we had other songs to do.

“When we got to the rest home that morning that lady came in looking very sick and tired. She told us that she was not feeling well at all, but she came to hear us perform because she knew we would be singing ‘Danny Boy’ for her. Luckily we had brought along the book with that song in it. My brother Richard sang the song for her in his beautiful bass voice. That lady cried during the whole song. I was impressed that she came to hear us sing even though she was sick. She was a great example to me. I hope all youth find an opportunity to serve the elderly. They have a sweet spirit about them, and it is fun to serve them.”
Jessie Allred, 16
Park Ward, Centerville Utah North Stake

A Book for Every Value

“I just started the Personal Progress program. I love it! One day I was working on a Value Experience on faith and decided to pick up the book To Him That Believeth. This book really helped me understand faith better, so I decided to read a book about each of the seven Young Women values. I asked people for recommendations, then decided which book to read for each value. When I read about the Young Women values, I feel the Spirit and love the gospel more.”
Candace Percival, 12
Clearfield Seventh Ward, Sunset Utah Stake

Writing Letters

“One Personal Progress project I did was with a couple of friends. We were in school, and our teacher told us about one of her family members who was in Afghanistan and how he was writing letters that described the horrible circumstances he and the other soldiers were in. She asked us to write a letter to one of the soldiers. My friends and I wanted to do more, so we organized a bake sale to raise money. With the money, we bought small items like pens and paper. Then we boxed them up and sent them to the soldiers.

“I felt so good. The Personal Progress program has helped me become more like Jesus Christ.

“After I earned my medallion, I kept working on goals and helped a Beehive in my ward work on her Personal Progress. She has been able to get a lot done. I would encourage every young woman to finish the program and help others along.”
Rebelle Haws, 16
Amity Ward, Eagar Arizona Stake

Suddenly I Knew

“One of the Choice and Accountability experiences I completed is a good example of how Personal Progress has changed my life. To complete the project I needed to make a habit of personal prayer and scripture study. I had never been excited or willing to read the scriptures before because they confused me. I decided to try the experience anyway and planned to read a chapter in my scriptures every night.

“When I sat down to read the first night, I was hesitant. I decided to start in the New Testament because I wanted to read about the Savior. At first the scriptures didn’t make much sense. But after a while I opened up my heart and looked for understanding. Suddenly I understood the passages. Every night I kneel in prayer, and I read my scriptures. I know the scriptures are true, and I’m grateful for Personal Progress.”
Kristi Hurd, 15
Antioch Second Ward, Antioch California Stake

Getting to Know Grandpa

“I am so grateful for the Personal Progress program. I know that it has changed my life for the better. When you think of seven 10-hour projects, it seems like a lot, and you can get discouraged. But when you work on the projects one at a time, before you know it, you’re done with another project and can move on to the next.

“For one of my Personal Progress projects, I helped Grandpa clean his house. This was hard at first, but after a while it didn’t seem like a chore. As we worked, we really enjoyed talking to each other and got to know each other better. I’m glad I was able to strengthen my relationship with my grandpa. I really enjoy Personal Progress.”
Tara Lunt, 16
Duncan Ward, Duncan Arizona Stake

He Knows Everyone

“I was sitting in my room late one Sunday evening with nothing to do, so I decided to scan through my Personal Progress book. I was looking for a task that only required reading a whole bunch of scriptures and writing something in my journal so that I could have it done fast. I found such a task under Individual Worth.

“I had looked up only a few scriptures when I came to Jeremiah 1:5: ‘Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.’

“I immediately began to cry because I knew that scripture was true. That one verse testified to me that my Heavenly Father knows each person on this earth. I am very grateful for the new Personal Progress program. It has helped me love and appreciate the gospel more.”
Heather Hansen, 13
Ridgefield Ward, Vancouver Washington West Stake

Floral design by Linda Andelin Mamone; photography by Bradley Slade