Volume 34, Number 10

[photos] Cover: A temple marriage is a worthy goal of every Church member. See “Love for Eternity,” p. 20. Cover photography: Robert Casey (front) and Christina Smith (back).

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The Message: Whom Shall I Marry? President Thomas S. Monson You have choices to make—choices with eternal consequences. But you are not left unaided in your decisions.


Come to the Temple President L. Aldin Porter Keeping temple covenants will help us establish a happy home and a continuation of happiness into eternity.


Preparing for My Endowment Rachel Barton Morris The endowment and my temple marriage will help me progress in ways I couldn’t on my own.


When Emma Met Joseph Ryan Carr A great love story started when these two great people met.


New Era Poster: Dream Date


Love for Eternity Janet Thomas Couples all over the world are making temple marriage a priority.


Planning Your Temple Wedding Shanna Butler What you should know before that special day.


Make Dating Smooth Sailing Susan W. Tanner Friendship, courtship, relationship—each course you set together within gospel standards helps you succeed.


Idea List: Great Group Dates How to have fun dating in a group.


How to Be a First-Rate Date The little things, like good manners and thoughtfulness, do count.


The Eight-Cow Ring Arianne B. Cope Agggh! I lost my ring. But I found something more precious.


What Do Kisses Mean? John Bytheway You should mean what you say but also mean what you do, because expressions of affection send powerful messages.


Of All Things


Helping Your Family Share Your Joy Connie Myers How to make your wedding day special when your parents can’t attend the temple.


Instant Messages Revising your list; the best dating adviser; a great family tradition.


The Extra Smile


Poem: The Temple Callie Taggart


Photo Lane V. Erickson