Thank you so much for the article called “What Does It Mean to Be Perfect?” (Jan. 2006). Lately, I have been unhappy with who I am and what I am achieving. I didn’t realize this was due to my perfectionist personality. As I read this article I knew that the Lord was watching out for me and blessing me. I am now learning how to deal with this perfectionism. Whenever I lose heart, I read this article again. I now know that I don’t have to be perfect immediately, but it is a process. Thank you for printing this article.
Name withheld


Yea! I am so glad to see some fiction stories finally being published in the New Era. I noticed that the story “Independence Day” (Feb. 2006) is written by Jack Weyland. On another subject, I absolutely love the New Era. I love the stories, especially since they are of teenagers (a.k.a. people my age); I love the comics and funny anecdotes; I love the messages from both the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. I also love the poem/photograph that is always published on the last page—sometimes we are just simply daughters or sons or athletes or students or just inspired.
Suzanne S., Colorado

Keeping Standards

I would like to thank you for the article “This Recruit Does Not Swear, Sir!” (Oct. 2005). It expresses how easy it is to lower your standards so as to fit in or so you don’t get in trouble. We often rationalize by telling ourselves, “I’ll just do it this once.”

I especially like the part at the end where it says, “If you try to do what’s right you’ll have the Lord on your side.” Thank you for all the time you spend on this magazine.
Sam D., Washington

Entertains and Teaches

I used to think that the New Era was just a magazine the Church published to inform people about what they should be doing. After I started reading it, though, I learned that it wasn’t published just to inform you. It was published to teach important principles for life as well as to entertain. Reading the New Era has made me a better person ever since I started reading it.
Daniel B., Texas

I Found Hope Again

I spent two weeks in the hospital. I was bored, had bad headaches every day, and was afraid while waiting for the diagnosis. But one good friend of mine sent me some New Eras, and when I was reading them, I forgot about the pain and fear, and I felt peace in my mind and knew that everything will be okay.

I want to give my thanks to all the people who prepare the New Era because it’s a good way to spend time and find peace and hope in all the wonderful stories and talks and answers we are looking for.
Tereza R., Czech Republic

Illustrated by Bill Mayer