Everyone feels a little down once in a while.* It’s part of life. But those down times should be temporary, and we have more control over them than we sometimes think we do. The seminary class of the Kirkland Ward in Montreal, Canada, has some suggestions for snapping out of those blahs.

The Holy Ghost is called the Comforter for good reason, and there are a number of suggestions for inviting His healing influence. They’re not new, but when you are feeling low, you may be tempted to ignore them because Satan does not want you to be happy. So remember these basics:

  • Pray. God’s love for you is perfect, and He can communicate that love to you through the Spirit.

  • Read the scriptures. They help you feel the Spirit and help put your problems in perspective.

  • Read your patriarchal blessing. It’s your own personal revelation and will help you see your great worth.

Other suggestions include:

  • Listen to good music—EFY or seminary music for example. Pick music that won’t offend the Spirit.

  • Exercise—ride your bike, go jogging, or just take a brisk walk. It stimulates brain chemicals that improve your mood.

  • Get some perspective—read your journal or look at your scrapbook. Remember all of the good things that have happened to you and you’ll see that down times are temporary.

  • Write in your journal. This helps you to sort through your thoughts and feelings.

  • Do something nice for someone else. When you serve others, you invite the Spirit and your own problems shrink or even disappear.

  • Spend time with and talk to good friends—the kind who help you be your best self.

  • Go to church; participate in activities.

  • What about eating chocolate or other favorite “comfort” foods? You need to be careful. Eating to fill emotional needs can lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.

Illustrated by Scott Snow

Show References

  • * Sadness or depression that is frequent or persistent is a different matter. For a discussion of depression and advice about getting help, see “Rising Above the Blues” in the April 2002 New Era. You’ll find it online at www.lds.org in the Gospel Library.