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Called It Very Good

I just thought I’d let you know that I loved the article in the Nov. 2006 issue titled “The Body Is Sacred.” The first four paragraphs are so profoundly true. I have been playing piano for a little over 12 1/2 years, and from hours of practicing and personal observation, I think the wonders of the world should actually be to see, to hear, to speak, to feel, to smell, to taste, and to love. The human body truly is amazing. God called every one of His creations “good,” but it was only after He had created us that He called it “very good.”
Elder Pulsipher, Canada

Journey of Faith

I was having a hard day and had some troubling questions on my mind, so I decided to read my scriptures. Suddenly I felt like I should read the New Era, so I started reading the June issue and read “My Journey to Faith.” The last sentence really stood out to me: “I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of us and answers our prayers if we have faith in Him.” So I decided to pray about what was worrying me and trust that God would help me. Ever since, I’ve been at peace. Thank you so much!
Karen A., Wyoming


I enjoyed the story “Serve it Forward” (Jan. 2007) by Jordan Muhlestein. I think he really got the point of doing things for others. When someone helped them, he promised that the next time he had a chance to help someone, he would take it, and he helped a family with a flat tire. This really inspired me to do some service work.
Cody S., New Mexico

Answers Questions

I just started reading the New Era and it helps me answer a lot of questions. I will share two. I wondered what Joseph Smith did with the plates after he was done with them. “What Did the Golden Plates Look Like?” (June 2007) said that he returned the golden plates to Moroni. My second question was about which group should I hang out with. One group got in trouble a lot, and the other group never got in trouble. After reading the New Era, I chose to go to the group that never got in trouble. It was hard for me because I had friends in both groups. I am happy with my choice.
Sydney Y., North Carolina

Favorite Parts

My favorite part of the New Era was to look at the posters. They were fun to look at. I would open the magazine each month just to look at the new poster. But now I’ve started to read the stories. I found out more interesting things to look through in the New Era. My favorite part is all the responses from readers and teenagers who feel the same way that I do. Reading the stories in the New Era brings me joy and teaches me through others’ experiences. The New Era has gotten better throughout the years to help the young men and women. It is great to see the awesome youth in the Church striving to do what’s right. I love this Church and the gospel.
Nathan S., California

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