Mutual Activity Ideas

• With permission from your bishop, invite the stake patriarch to come and discuss how each person can prepare to receive his or her patriarchal blessing.

Seminary Devotional

• Choose a story—such as the baptism of Jesus—in the New Testament. Look it up in the Harmony of the Gospels (the baptism is referred to about nine lines down on page 685) in the Bible Dictionary. Have you and three friends read from each of the gospels for a more complete version of the story.

Family Home Evening Idea

• During the week before family home evening, prepare a what-if jar. (For the article about a family who had such a jar, see Shirley Bock Testi, “The What-If Question,” in the November 2003 New Era). Have each family member pull out a slip describing a difficult situation or temptation, and discuss good ways to handle it.