I have a plot of earth
and have planted there
a handful of good seeds
that I hope will bear,
but I must labor
and till the soil,
feed the plants.
And with my toil,
if I rise early
to work each day
and thrust away
the strangling weeds
and infertile land,
then comes the progress
by my steady hand.
It’s the day-to-day
productive hours
that purchase growth
and produce flowers.
Likewise, my life.
If I take care,
I will mature
and strengthen where
I once was weak,
had lacked in heart
or wanted for courage,
so, for my part,
I have endeavored.
Life’s like the earth
and requires effort
for yielding worth.
It’s the day-to-day
productive row
that reaps the good
from seeds you sow.

Photo by Kurt Wilson; do not copy