Thoughts from April 2008 General Conference

One talk that helped me this year was Elder Bednar’s talk about prayer. I really took it to heart when he said that prayer involves action, and since then I have sincerely tried to pray for things that I can act on. I’ve tried to pray more sincerely and willingly, and it has significantly blessed my life. I’m so grateful for general conference and for the impact that it has on so many people’s lives.

Becca A., Utah

Good Guys

Thank you for your “Note to the Good Guys” (May 2008). It is just the kind of thing I needed to hear. It makes me feel better about my life.

Jason R., North Carolina

Spiritually Helpful

The April 2008 New Era was very good. It will help readers understand more on topics and can help them in their daily lives. I especially liked the article “Worthy Music, Worthy Thoughts” and “My First Battle.” The other articles are all spiritually helpful, too. The pictures are awesome and help set the spiritual mood. Please continue to make great New Eras.

Jesse J., Utah

Learning about Forgiveness

I liked the story “Forgiveness and Football” in the March 2008 New Era because it showed me that anger isn’t going to solve something I have a problem with, but I should instead forgive. I will try to use this information in my daily life. It also tells me not to judge others and to stay calm and look on the bright side. The people in the story might have done something wrong, but in order to move on, Eric had to forgive them, even though it wasn’t his fault. It reminded me that we are all children of God.

Jacob T., Arizona

Good Advice

Every month I wait for the New Era because there is something interesting to read. First, in each issue there is the “Extra Smile” that brightens my mood when I am having a bad day. Second, there are many articles that help answer some of my questions. Lastly, the New Era has good advice to help me and other people. Thanks for publishing the New Era.

Justin C., Georgia

I Will Never Not Read Again

I have been a Beehive for about one and a half years and had never read the New Era. I had heard others talk about how much they loved it, but I never took much thought about it. Thanks to the Young Men–Young Women activity this month, I read the New Era for the first time. After reading it cover to cover, I realized what I had been missing out on. I felt the Spirit so strongly as I read those articles, and even though there had recently been contention in my house, the New Era somehow managed to help take all the feelings of anger away. I will never not read another issue again.

Michelle R., Utah

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