Mutual Activity Idea

• At the change of the seasons, different preparations need to be made by ward members around their homes. In the northern hemisphere, as temperatures are dropping, make sure elderly ward members have help in putting away hoses, annual flowers are removed from flowerbeds, and shrubs cut back. In the southern hemisphere, as temperatures rise, help those who need it to get their homes and yards ready for warm weather. Make assignments and divide up the chores. Be sure to let everyone know you are coming and ask if they would like this type of service.

Personal Progress or Duty to God Idea

• Take some time to preserve a part of your own history. If you have some poetry you have written, artwork you have produced, or music you have composed, make copies (or take photos of your artwork) and collect them into one folder or box. This collection will become more interesting in the future.

Family Home Evening Idea

• Read together the story “Not So Fast!” on page 24. Talk about the reasons that we fast and what kinds of things we fast for.

Photograph by Getty Images