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Why Don’t We Drink or Smoke?

Heavenly Father has commanded His children to take good care of their bodies. We should eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. When we do these things, we remain free from addictions and have control over our lives. We gain the blessings of a healthy body, an alert mind, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Alcohol and tobacco harm our bodies and our spirits. They are addictive and will damage our bodies, weaken our judgment and self-control, and shorten our lives. Because we want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong, we do not drink coffee or tea or abuse any drug or chemical.

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Why Don’t We Drink or Smoke?

Why Don’t We Date before 16?

Friendships are great, but dating too soon can lead to immorality, limit the number of other young people you meet, and deprive you of experiences that will help you to eventually find the person you will marry. Not all teenagers need to date or even want to. However, we can and should develop good friendships at every age.

When we do begin dating, we date in groups or go on double dates and plan activities that are positive, inexpensive, and help us get to know each other better. A young man and a young woman on a date should help each other maintain standards and protect each other’s honor and virtue.

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Why Don’t We Date before 16?

What’s Wrong with Swearing?

One of the Ten Commandments says the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name, so we always use the names of God and Jesus Christ with reverence and respect. Profane, vulgar, or crude language or gestures, as well as dirty jokes, are offensive to the Lord and to others.

How you speak says a lot about who you are. Clean and intelligent language shows that you have a bright and wholesome mind. We use language that encourages and compliments others so that we can fulfill the commandment to love one another. We encourage others to use clean language too.

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What’s Wrong with Swearing?

Are Mormons Christian?

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Creator. When Jesus lived on the earth, He led a perfect life and taught by word and example how we should live together in love. We believe that through Christ’s Atonement, we can be saved from our sins as we follow Him.

Each week at church as we partake of the sacrament, we renew our promise to always remember Him and keep His commandments.

We love Jesus Christ. We worship Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer.

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Are Mormons Christian?

For the Strength of Youth

Fulfilling Our Duty to God

Agency and Accountability

Choose righteousness and happiness, no matter what your circumstances. Take responsibility for the choices you make. Develop your abilities and talents, and use them for good. Avoid idleness and be willing to work hard.


Have a spirit of gratitude in all you do and say. Thank God for your blessings, and express appreciation to others who help you.


Prepare to be an influence for good in the world. Obtain an education, and be enthusiastic about learning. Attend seminary.


Do your part to build a happy home. Honor your parents, and strengthen your relationships with your brothers and sisters.


Choose friends who share your high standards. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Invite friends of other faiths to Church activities. Reach out to new converts and those who are less active.

Dress and Appearance

Dress modestly to show respect for God and yourself. Never lower your dress standards for any occasion. Do not disfigure your body with tattoos and body piercings.

Entertainment and the Media

Choose uplifting entertainment. Avoid anything that is vulgar, immoral, violent, or pornographic in any way. Commit to keeping God’s standards.

Music and Dancing

Listen to music that helps you draw closer to Heavenly Father. Do not listen to music that encourages immorality, glorifies violence, or uses offensive language. When dancing, avoid full body contact or suggestive movements.


Use language that uplifts, encourages, and compliments others. Use the names of God and Jesus Christ with reverence and respect. Do not use profane, vulgar, or crude language or gestures.


Do not date until you are at least 16 years old. Date only those who have high standards. When you begin dating, go in groups or on double dates. Plan activities that help you remain close to the Spirit of the Lord.

Sexual Purity

Keep yourself sexually pure. Do not have any sexual relations before marriage. Do not participate in talk or activities that arouse sexual feelings. Do not participate in homosexual activities. Seek help if you become a victim of rape, incest, or other sexual abuse.


Through the Savior’s Atonement, you can receive forgiveness and be cleansed from your sins when you repent. Confess your sins to the Lord and to those you have wronged. If the sins are serious, you also need to confess them to your bishop.


Be honest with yourself, others, and the Lord. Do not rationalize that dishonesty is right.

Sabbath Day Observance

Use the Sabbath to worship the Lord, attend church, draw closer to your family, and help others. Do not seek entertainment or spend money on the Sabbath. When possible, avoid working on Sunday.

Tithes and Offerings

Willingly pay a full tithe. Attend tithing settlement. Obey the law of the fast.

Physical Health

Keep the Word of Wisdom. Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Do not use hard drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea, or tobacco products. Do not abuse prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Service to Others

Serve others in your Church assignments and in your home, school, and community. Seek daily the guidance of the Holy Ghost to know whom to serve and how to help meet their needs.

Go Forward with Faith

Be true to the Lord and to His Church. Regularly pray in private and read the scriptures. Keep your covenants and listen to the whisperings of the Spirit. The Lord will help you meet your trials and challenges.

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