With hesitation they came

These would-be pioneers,

Aprons, bonnets, hats, suspenders,

Unfamiliar garb they donned

On that defining day.

Prayerfully patched together

Into families unfamiliar,

A new quiltwork of companionship,

Soon to be stitched together

In wondrous ways.

Now, a new perspective—

In the yoke, on the ropes,

Shoulders to the wheel.

Pioneer stories springing into reality

With each staggering step.

Challenged, confidence waning,

They groaned up steep slopes.

Questioning, How much longer?

This sweat, this dust,

These blistered feet.

High atop a mountain vale,

Where song and dance,

Laughter and quiet moments

Further honed and softened hearts,

And witnesses were borne.

Too soon came the last sunrise,

Charged with anticipation

And newfound strength.

Closer … closer … there!

The last cresting hill.

But somehow the journey’s end

Seemed to them familiar,

For their hearts arrived in Zion

Long before their handcarts.

Photo by Michelle Scharf; do not copy