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Top Five

New Era Favorite

During my high school years my relationship with my parents was not always smooth sailing. In particular, I felt that I should be given more independence. Why should I have to tell my parents everything I was doing and everywhere I was going? And why did I have a set time to be home at night and then have to check in when I got home? I had a difficult time understanding them when they said I’d have more freedom if I was more obedient to the rules. I wouldn’t be free; I’d be a slave.

At the beginning of my senior year in high school, I figured out a plan.

“My Trust Fund,” by Richard Moore in the October 1999 New Era.

Behind the Scenes

We had a tough time getting a good photo of Peter Johnson on his bicycle for the cover. It was winter in Utah, and Peter lives in Park City, a ski town that is very snowy in the winter months. The photographer had to wait until there were a couple of warm days so that the snow melted off the pavement. Then he took the photo at an angle so that the snow would not be too obvious in the background. The designer had to fade out the background so it wouldn’t be so noticeable.

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Illustration by Scott Greer; photograph by John Luke