The Priesthood of Our Lord

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The Priesthood of Our Lord

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1. Brethren, pow’r by earthly standards
Comes by rank or wealth or sword;
But the pow’r above all others
Is the priesthood of our Lord.
2. It is ours, the total armor—
Priesthood held by Christ, our Lord—
If, as brethren, we are worthy
Of the Spirit’s whispered word.
3. Let us venture forth in freedom
With the priesthood as our guide—
Deacons, teachers, priests, and elders,
Seeking virtue side by side.

Doctrine and Covenants 121:34–46

Doctrine and Covenants 107:1–4

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Optional Round

For the music director: Divide singers into four groups. When the first group reaches a circled letter, have a new group start from the beginning of the song. Sing unaccompanied or with the accompaniment below.

For the accompanist: Repeat the first ending until all groups have finished. Then play the second ending.

Round accompaniment

round accompaniment