Mormon Battalion

I enjoyed the July 2009 article “Marching with the Battalion.” It really helped me to realize how much the pioneers sacrificed for all of us. It touched me how the men were willing to leave their families just because President Young asked them to. They all set a great example for me that gives me strength to follow the prophet’s counsel today.

Jessica P., Washington

Strength from Others

The New Era has been a source of inspiration. I especially like reading the Instant Messages. Every experience shared by people and every testimony they bear strengthens mine. It adds more power and transforms my inmost being.

Mitzi G., Doha, Qatar

Christian Courage

Thank you for the article That Is Christian Courage” in the July 2009 issue. I’ve been having some trouble with a girl who doesn’t like me. “That Is Christian Courage” has helped me to forgive her and see past her mistakes. I love receiving the New Era every month and reading it cover-to-cover.

Isabelle H., Utah

Pure Joy

I always like reading the New Era, and I enjoy the good spirit it brings. The articles are an inspiration for my life. I came across the article “Pure Joy” (May 2009) and really liked that Joy chose to stand up for what is right. She is a great example of the believers by choosing to keep the Church standards even when her peers aren’t.

Brandon H., Virginia

Teaching English

I am a senior missionary and have, among other things, taught English in India, Japan, and now Germany and have used the New Era as a basis for many of my English lessons. I have found that the New Era has some wonderful moral stories that teach good principles as well as providing new vocabulary words and a scriptural reference. Thank you for the wonderful magazine and the good you are doing.

Elder Rex Beazer, Germany Hamburg Mission

A Way Out

Thank you for the July 2009 article “There’s Always a Way Out.” Several days before I read it I had an experience similar to the one described in the story. Reading this served as confirmation that what I had done was right, even if it wasn’t easy at the time.

Jason R., North Carolina


I really enjoy the articles in the New Era. They are interesting and spiritual, especially the ones on prayer. A bench fell on my leg at camp, and the medic said I ruptured my Achilles tendon. I said a prayer and received a priesthood blessing. When we got to the hospital I found out my Achilles tendon was only bruised. I needed crutches for less than a week, and then I was running again. I know prayer works.

Dylan T., New Jersey

The articles in the New Era teach valuable lessons that help me in my everyday life. My favorite articles are the ones about people who are lost or hurt and use prayer to help guide them back. They show that we can never lose hope when we’re lost or feel unsafe. I also like the Extra Smile because it connects humor with the Spirit.

Logan J., Arizona

Illustration by Mark Shaver