If you’ve already received your Young Womanhood Recognition, one way to keep progressing is by helping other young women with their Personal Progress. This is called mentoring, and it’s easy. First, be a friend. Second, show and teach. Remember to work under the direction of your leaders, and you can be eligible to earn an Honor Bee.

Here are some ideas you can use to help another young woman:

  • Study a gospel principle together, and share with her how living that principle strengthens your faith. Encourage her to live that principle or to select one that would help her strengthen her faith. (See Faith Value Experience no. 3.)

  • Help plan a ward speech, music, dance, or drama festival for your ward. Specifically plan to help one young woman complete a Personal Progress requirement. (See Individual Worth Value Experience no. 5.)

  • Is there a skill or talent that you could teach another young woman, like cooking, conducting music, or changing a tire? Help her find a way to display her new skill. (See Knowledge Value Experience no. 2.)

  • Help another young women understand the scriptures in each value experience and bear testimony of how this understanding has made a difference in your life.

  • Talk with her about the standards in For the Strength of Youth. Each of you choose a standard to improve in your life. After three weeks, talk with each other about your progress on that standard, and then share with your families, class, or a Young Women leader what you both have done. (See Choice and Accountability Value Experience no. 2.)

  • Visit with a young woman to help her identify what type of service she could give to fulfill Good Works Value Experience no. 6. Help her with planning and serve with her.

  • Help a young woman with special needs in your ward to work on her Personal Progress. Be a friend to her and help her read the scriptures or plan projects.

  • See page 83 of your Personal Progress book for more ideas of what you can do to keep progressing.

Illustration by Taia Morley