I Learned Something New

I enjoyed the article “What’s the Deal with Boys/Girls?” in the April 2010 issue. As I read through what the girls wonder, it helped me understand why girls act the way they do—in a good way, of course. Under what the guys wonder, I have often found myself asking those same questions. Because of the girls’ responses, I now know what to do in different kinds of situations with meeting and dating girls. Even though I have seven sisters and often get advice from them, I still learned something new from your article.

Matt F., Wyoming

Peace and Comfort

Thank you for putting “General Conference Is for You” in the May 2010 issue. I really liked President Uchtdorf’s talk on “love and patience.” It brought me peace and comfort.

Caitlin H., Idaho

Powerful Prayer

I appreciated the article “The Strength to Get on My Knees” (June 2010). I have had many times in my life where I have gone through struggles and trials that are so huge that I have no idea if I can make it through. Just when I am about to give up and feel like there is no hope for me, I realize that I can get down on my knees and pray for advice and strength.

Madison G., Washington

A Necessary Link

I learned recently that the road to becoming a disciple is tougher than anything I have ever done, not to mention being sometimes confusing and often overwhelming. That’s why I am so glad for the New Era. An article provided a necessary link in a chain of events that deepened my faith and commitment, and my life has been changed for the better in a way I didn’t even know was possible.

David Z.

Team Spirit

I read the article “Team Spirit,” and I understand how they feel. I am 12 years old and play baseball. During good and bad games we have felt good and bad team spirit. A bad spirit enters when someone gets mad at another person, and it affects the whole team. A good spirit is felt when we all get along and encourage each other. I really enjoy that feeling.

Mitchell S., Utah

Help for Tough Times

Thank you for putting the story “The Miracle I Needed” in the February 2010 issue. I had surgery for scoliosis at age 12, when I was in the sixth grade. It was so wonderful to hear about someone else who went through the same thing I did. I know that Heavenly Father helped us get through a hard time in our lives. He helped us to recover fast and to come out of it stronger than we were before. Heavenly Father is by our side when we go through the trials of life. After reading that story, I realized that I am not alone.

Lexi B., Utah

I recently read the article “Wearing Millicent” in the July 2005 New Era. I also wore a similar back brace when I was growing up, and I had corrective surgery to fix the problem. I worried that my problems would hold me back while serving a mission. It did not, and I am now serving in the Anchorage Alaska Mission, a very physically demanding mission.

Elder Daniel L., Alaska

Illustration by Cynthia Clark