He Is My Savior, Too

Thank you for the amazing articles in the Nov. 2010 issue. The one that I liked most was “He Is My Savior Too.” I liked the fact that the author had enough courage to speak up for what’s right, and I almost cried when I read her friend’s reply. I want to keep this magazine to read this and other stories through when I need help.

April B., Arizona

The Only Magazine I Read Frequently

The New Era is the only magazine I read frequently and really enjoy its messages. The first thing I look for when a new issue arrives is the Mormonad. They are a fascinating way for me and other youth to look at topics using pictures to describe the message. They make us think in a different way. I really like all the Mormonads, but my favorites are the one about standing out (Nov. 2003), and “Get a Grip” (Sept. 2010). They both helped me reflect on my own life and how to make it better.

B. N., Oregon

Walking into the Past

I think the article “Walking into the Past” in the August 2010 issue was ultra-cool. It reminded me of our stake’s trek. I can’t help but think of how brave those teenagers were every time I read the story.

Kaylei L., Utah

The article “Walking into the Past” helped me understand better about how the Mormons in Kirtland felt and the hardships they went through. Also what they did for fun and how they worked. The games they played looked really fun. It reminded me of my own trip to Kirtland. I felt my testimony grow when I toured the Whitney home and store and the room that the School of the Prophets met in.

Curtis H., Texas

Listen to the Holy Ghost

I read the article “Don’t Get Caught” (Aug. 2010) and really enjoyed it. It helped strengthen my testimony about resisting temptation and the importance of listening to warnings from the Holy Ghost.

Christian M., Oklahoma


The story “Truth Will Prevail” (Sept. 2010) was really inspiring. It made me want to go on a mission when I’m older. It also inspired me to serve the Lord now in whatever way I can.

Spencer D., Utah

What I Need

The stories in the New Era are what I need to hear. I wasn’t very good at reading these when I started, but now it is a way I can reach out to my Heavenly Father in my heart.

Jack H., Utah

I really enjoy reading the New Era. It makes me feel happy to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It also helps me become a better example to my sisters and my brother.

Ariana O., Australia

I can hardly wait until the New Era comes every month. The stories are always good and inspire me to be a better person. I like it when I can relate to the stories because of my experiences. The Extra Smile always puts a smile on my face.

Jaden E.

Illustration by James Steinberg