The Mia Maids of the Bluffdale Eighth Ward in Bluffdale, Utah, decided to make a hands-on sign of their commitment to living virtuous lives. After some memorable lessons and discussions on the topic of virtue, each one of the girls traced her handprint on the flag and wrote inside it what they were committing to do to be virtuous. These were some of the promises printed on the flag:

“I promise to keep clean thoughts and to have friends that don’t promote bad things.”—Sierra Hirschi

“I promise to watch clean things so my thoughts will be clean.” —Erica Wilcox

“I promise to keep myself temple worthy and clean so someday I can be sealed for time and all eternity.”—Katelyn Pitchford

“I promise to keep the music I listen to clean.”—Karley Newbold

“I promise not to date until I am 16.”—McKayla Hill

The virtue flag now hangs in the bishop’s office so every time the girls are in his office they are reminded of their commitments.

Photographs by Laurel Hill