The Sacrament Means More

Cole H., California, USA

When I was younger I wondered how the deacons could remember where to pass the sacrament. I would occasionally see their chart, but that didn’t help my confusion. I would watch them criss-cross around the chapel and hand the tray to assigned rows. I was envious of them and would often count the years until I was 12. Wow, wouldn’t it be awesome to pass the sacrament, I would think.

My day eventually came. It was nerve-racking. What if I messed up? What will happen? With a small amount of time to review the chart, I reluctantly took my seat. I would be passing to my family. Luckily, my dad joined me. Three other boys were doing it for their first time, too. Their dads also sat with us. My biggest worry was that I was going to drop the tray or mess up and not do my position correctly. Fortunately, I did fine. I was so happy when I was finished. I couldn’t wait to pass the sacrament again.

I have been passing the sacrament for a couple of months now. I am even more excited to go to church. I love my newfound freedom in deacons quorum. I am grateful for the sacrament and the sacrifices Jesus made for us. Sacrament meetings seem to pass with more meaning now. I listen more attentively to the talks and seem to get more out of it than before. I know the sacrament has only made my life better, as well as my bond with Heavenly Father. I can’t wait to go to church this Sunday.

A Change of Heart

Jannette B., Utah, USA

When I was in the Young Women program, I was one of only two Laurels surrounded by Beehives. Because the other Laurel had athletic engagements each week, I found myself, a lone Laurel, suffocated by so many younger, seemingly immature girls. Our Young Women program was struggling: hurt feelings, drama, and offense were common. For a while no one in our ward wanted to attend meetings.

Then I was called to serve the younger girls at girls’ camp. It was a daunting call. I felt intimidated, annoyed, and nervous. But I went.

I have never experienced a more miraculous change of heart. In less than a week, I gained a testimony of the divine potential within each and every child of God. The Savior allowed me to share His love for my sisters in the gospel. His eyes illuminated my sight, and I really saw each girl as a beloved daughter of our Heavenly Father. Through serving the girls, the Lord opened my heart, and they became not just the girls in my ward but my girls.

By the end of the week I had the ability to recognize divine qualities in every girl, and my heart felt like it would burst because of the love I felt for them. Although this change of heart was unexpected, it taught me that charity comes through meaningful service, and it truly is the pure love of Christ.

I promise that miracles do occur through small and simple acts of service. That is a common saying in the Church, but I testify that it is true. I challenge you to serve in the Savior’s way and witness the miraculous changes in both yourself and the world around you as you do so. Try it.

Gospel Messaging

Elisabeth H., New York, USA

I have a friend named Jake, who, although he is not LDS, is a strong Christian. This past year we often chatted on Facebook. Jake often asks me questions about our religion, and I will use the scripture masteries to help him understand our beliefs. Jake believes in the Bible, so I often share a Bible scripture mastery and then share a Book of Mormon scripture that goes along with it.

One time he asked a question about our view of heaven. I was able to share the plan of salvation with him and refer to 1 Corinthians 15:40–42 to help him understand. By using the scripture mastery verses, I helped Jake to understand that we believe in the Bible.

Through the Internet I’ve shared the gospel and my own personal testimony of the Church. Jake often posts religious videos on Facebook and asks me to watch them. Afterwards, we discuss it, and a few times I’ve linked him to the Mormon Messages channel on YouTube.

Computers can be used for harm. However, we can and should use computers to share the gospel with friends and family.

Illustration by G. Bjorn Thorkelson, photograph © IRI