What We Really Think of Youth

“You, the youth of the Church, are a glorious group, a chosen generation. … I plead with you, my young brothers and sisters, to remember who you are. You are sons and daughters of Almighty God. You have a destiny to fulfill, a life to live, a contribution to make, a goal to achieve. The future of the kingdom of God upon the earth will, in part, be aided by your devotion.”

President Thomas S. Monson, “The Lighthouse of the Lord,” New Era, Feb. 2001, 4, 7.

Crossword Puzzle: Places in the Bible

crossword puzzle(click to view larger)

St. Joseph Seeks Lodging at Bethlehem, by James Tissot; Moses with the Ten Commandments, © Dan Burr; Golgotha, © 1988 Scott Snow


  1. 1.

    Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law in this city (see Matthew 8:5, 14–15).

  2. 3.

    Saul was on his way to this city when Jesus appeared to him (see Acts 9:3–6).

  3. 5.

    Jesus was baptized in this river (see Matthew 3).

  4. 6.

    This is the garden where Jesus went to pray, atoned for us, and later was arrested (see Matthew 26:36–50).

  5. 7.

    This is the hometown of Philip, Andrew, and Peter (see John 1:44).

  6. 9.

    Jesus made His triumphal entry in this city (see John 12:12–13).

  7. 11.

    Jesus was crucified at this “place of a skull” (see John 19:16–17).

  8. 12.

    This is the hometown of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha (see John 11:1).


  1. 1.

    Jesus performed His first miracle here (see John 2:1–11).

  2. 2.

    This is where Moses received the Ten Commandments (see Exodus 34:1–2).

  3. 4.

    This is the hometown of Saul (see Acts 9:11).

  4. 5.

    Joshua fought the battle of _____ (see Joshua 6).

  5. 7.

    Jesus was born in this city (see Matthew 2:1).

  6. 8.

    Jesus grew up here (see Matthew 2:23).

  7. 10.

    Moses led the people of Israel out of this place (see Exodus 13:3).


Sweet 16 Service

For her 16th birthday party, Rachel H. of Alberta, Canada, wanted to plan it around a service project at the local drop-in center for the homeless. She invited friends from church and from school. Her friends liked the idea and were excited for the opportunity to give service. At the drop-in center they helped prepare lunch by filling juice glasses and slicing and buttering hundreds of slices of bread. After helping with lunch and cleaning the kitchen, Rachel’s group toured the center with a guide.

Rachel says she is grateful that her birthday party could double as a missionary moment where her school friends could see how the youth of the Church look for opportunities to serve and bless the lives of others. “It was the best birthday ever,” she adds.

5 Creative Group Date Ideas

  • Take a tour of a local factory (candy or ball bearings?).

  • Hold a “readers theater” and share your favorite children’s stories with one another.

  • Borrow or rent a projector and have a drive-in movie in your backyard using a white sheet for the screen.

  • Have a fondue party.

  • Do some service: rake leaves, plant flowers, or mow a neighbor’s lawn.

Be Prepared

Last summer, Gabriel and Michael M. of Georgia, USA, both received the Boy Scouts of America Honor Medal for saving their father’s life. While the boys and their father were on a kayaking trip in Texas, their father fell off a rope swing 22 feet above the Guadalupe River. He fell onto the kayaks below, passed out, and sank to the bottom of the river. Gabriel swam down and pulled his father to the surface. With an uncle’s help, Gabriel and Michael were able to get their father into his kayak. Then they had to help guide him over one-half mile to the nearest takeout point where help was waiting to take him to the hospital. Their father had broken his right shoulder, six fingers, several ribs, and his right ankle. Just weeks before the accident, Michael had taken lifesaving and kayaking classes at Scout camp.

My Favorite Scripture

Psalm 139:9–10 I had been going through a rough time recently and felt very alone. But after reading this, I knew that God would always be with me. He loves me and wants to help me. Now when I pray, I pray with trust that the Lord will comfort and care for me and my family and that His “right hand shall hold me.”

Katie W., 15, Washington, USA

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We’ve Got Mail

Line upon Line

My Personal Progress value project for Knowledge is collecting each of the “Line upon Line” articles in the New Era and putting them into a binder in order of books of scripture. Reading these articles helps me to better understand the scriptures. I especially like the ones that pertain to scripture mastery, and I would love to see you print them more often.

Morgan S., California, USA

White Dresses

When I read “It Started with a Friend” (Nov. 2011), Jenna’s words that “I have never felt so beautiful in my life as I did in my white dress” at her baptism, I remembered having the same feeling when I first went to the temple. That feeling and memory return whenever I attend.

Jill W., Utah, USA

From Youth.lds.org: Preparing the Sacrament

This article touched me in many ways (see “How to Prepare for the Sacrament” at lds.org/go/427). Being that I just turned 14 and had my first opportunity last Sunday to prepare the sacrament has made a big difference to me. We try to encourage each other to talk reverently and talk about Church-related things. We dress our best to show that we try to be modest.

Corbin Mark O., Texas

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Answers: Across: 1. Capernaum, 3. Damascus, 5. Jordan, 6. Gethsemane, 7. Bethsaida, 9. Jerusalem, 11. Golgotha, 12. Bethany Down: 1. Cana, 2. Mount Sinai, 4. Tarsus, 5. Jericho, 7. Bethlehem, 8. Nazareth, 10. Egypt