Virtual Pen Pals

By Stephanie Acerson

Stephanie Acerson lives in Utah, USA.

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My family’s friend Aleksander told me about his niece Lule.* She is about my age, and he wanted me to get to know her. I didn’t think much of it, but a few weeks later, she added me as a friend on Facebook.

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Photo illustration by Lloyd Eldredge; illustration by Steven Keele

Hi, Stephanie! I’m Lule, Aleksander’s niece. He told me that you and I are about the same age.

Hey, Lule. I remember hearing about you. Aleksander said you live in Albania. That’s so cool!

That’s funny—to me, living in America sounds cool! Hahaha. What are you doing this weekend?

I have a basketball game on Saturday morning, then I’m going to a Latter-day Saint temple. On Sunday I’m going to church. What are you doing?

Not much. I saw a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on the Internet. It is beautiful! My uncle told me that you are a Mormon, just like he is. I’ve been to church with him a few times. I really liked it! I would love to go every week, but I usually have things to do with my family on Sundays.

If you want, I can take notes at church each week and send them to you. That way you can learn more about what we believe in.

Oh, thank you! I would love to hear what you talk about there.

Hey, Lule! I hope you had a good week. Church was great yesterday. Here are some notes I took. We talked a lot about service and prayer.

  • When we serve other people, we are serving God (read Mosiah 2:17 at

  • Check out “Dayton’s Legs” on YouTube. It is about a boy who helped his friend with cerebral palsy compete in a triathlon.

  • God is there for you and will listen to you when you pray. I found an article called “Improving Your Personal Prayers” that talks about how we pray.

Stephanie, thanks so much! That video was so inspiring! I pray a lot, and I want to do the right thing … but how can I know if what I’m doing is right?

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  • Names have been changed.