Outsmart Your Smartphone and Other Devices

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Print out this image, cut it out, fold it around your charging cord, and glue the ends together to create a tag as a daily reminder to plug in to spiritual power!

Photographs and illustration by iStock/Thinkstock

Plug In to the Source of Power

“Every time you plug in your phone, use it as a reminder to ask yourself if you have plugged in to the most important source of spiritual power—prayer and scripture study, which will charge you with inspiration through the Holy Ghost.”

Randall L. Ridd, “The Choice Generation,” Ensign, May 2014, 57.

Show your tech device who’s boss by using one of these images as wallpaper for your:

  • Phone.

  • Music player.

  • Tablet.

  • Computer.

Download these and many other options at lds.org/go/techsupport.

Use these wallpapers to help you:

  • Make time for good things, like service and family history.

  • Be wise in how much time you spend surfing the web or gaming.

  • Choose media that matches standards in For the Strength of Youth.

  • Be an influence for good.

What Do You Desire?

“You are growing up with one of the greatest tools for good in the history of man: the Internet. … With it you can accomplish great things in a short period of time, or you can get caught up in endless loops of triviality that waste your time and degrade your potential. With the click of a button, you can access whatever your heart desires. That’s the key—what does your heart desire? What do you gravitate toward? Where will your desires lead?”

Randall L. Ridd, Second Counselor in the Young Men General Presidency, “The Choice Generation,” Ensign, May 2014, 56.