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Illustration by Christopher Thornock

1. A star in the sky was just one of the signs
proclaiming to all of the world
Through this little child so meek and so mild all the prophecies would be fulfilled.
And the angels sing in the heavens,
Salvation is there at the door.
And though he’s just a boy all the world will rejoice,
For a Savior is born!
And all will sing hallelujah!
Give praise to the Lamb!
This little baby is already holding the whole world in His tiny hands.
2. The shepherds all feared when the angels appeared
But rejoiced when they heard the news:
The King of the world has come to the earth with salvation for me and for you.
You will find Him there in a manger,
In clothes that are tattered and worn.
3. And even though He came long ago,
He’s still with us today.
Golgotha was done and the glory was won. Now forever we’re blessed by His grace.
And angels still sing in the heavens,
Death will keep us no more.
To Coda
And all will sing hallelujah
Stronger than ever before.
Though He’s just a boy, all the world will rejoice,
For a Savior is born!