young man with family

My name is Nene Quame Nyame S. I’m 14 years old, and I live in Ghana.

When I first went to senior high school, there was one thing I struggled with: when a new subject was introduced, I would find it difficult to understand. One evening I prayed to Heavenly Father to help me understand and overcome that challenge. I had faith, and I was able to understand better. Since then, prayer and faith have been on my to-do list in school and everywhere I go. Being in a boys school is challenging because of some of the immoral things students do. When that happens, the words of my parents come to my mind: “Don’t do something that will drive the Holy Ghost away.” I am grateful to my mum, who always reminds me to listen to the Holy Ghost. When we do what is right, God blesses us.

Nene Quame Nyame S., 14, Ghana.

young woman

I’m Abby, and I love discovering new delicious treats and baking them for my family and friends. I love sharing my creations with someone and seeing them smile and enjoy it! My favorite recipe is for my grandma’s peanut butter cookies. I have a testimony because when I follow the commandments, I am blessed with feelings of joy and peace. I know that these feelings come from the Spirit, who testifies to me that the gospel is true.

Abby L., 13, Texas, USA

young woman and young man in costume

My name is Rachel, and I live in Texas. For superhero day at school, I decided to dress up as Captain Moroni because his testimony, courage, and integrity have always inspired me. Some of my classmates asked me about my Standard of Liberty flag, and it was a neat experience to share Moroni’s testimony with them.

Rachel B., 18, Texas, USA

young man

Hi, my name is Beau. I love to go on hikes in the mountains and explore the field behind my house. I also love to play the piano. Recently I started to take lessons on the organ! One thing that has helped me gain a testimony is through having personal prayers with my Heavenly Father each day. Whenever I’m having a bad day or feel like Satan is putting me down, I read Moses 1:16 to feel better.

Beau W., 14, Utah, USA