You Can Get Answers

Here are five questions that youth frequently ask. They’re also examples of questions that Church leaders gave counsel about in general conference. Think about questions you may have, and then as you study general conference messages, see how they help to find answers. For the full text of the conference messages, go to

young people at conference

How can I change the way I feel about someone who is difficult?

Both Elder W. Craig Zwick and Sister Neill F. Marriott taught how turning to God allows Him to change our hearts as well as how we see others and feel about them.

brother and sister at conference

How do I move forward even though I’m painfully aware of all my shortcomings?

“I would hope we could pursue personal improvement in a way that doesn’t include … feeling depressed or demolishing our self-esteem. … The grace of Christ offers us not only salvation from sorrow and sin and death but also salvation from our own persistent self-criticism.”

“God will show us our flaws and failings, but He will also help us turn weakness into strength. If we sincerely ask, ‘What lack I yet?’ [Matthew 19:20], He will not leave us to guess, but in love He will answer for the sake of our happiness.”

youth at conference

What should I do if I have questions?

family at conference

How can I discover my gifts and find out what my mission in this life is?

Elder John C. Pingree Jr. reminded us that everyone has gifts and suggested how we can come to know what our specific gifts are: “We can reference our patriarchal blessing, ask those who know us best, and personally identify what we are naturally good at and enjoy. Most important, we can ask God (see James 1:5; D&C 112:10). He knows our gifts, since He gave them to us (see D&C 46:26).”

With all the bad things going on in the world, how can I overcome fear and feel peace?

“Those increases in testimony [from following President Monson’s counsel to read the Book of Mormon] have driven out doubt and fear and have brought us feelings of peace. Heeding President Monson’s counsel has had two other wonderful effects on me: First, the Spirit he promised has produced a sense of optimism about what lies ahead, even as the commotion in the world seems to increase. And, second, the Lord has given me—and you—an even greater feeling of His love for those in distress.”

“The fires and tumults of mortal life may threaten and frighten, but those who incline their hearts to God will be encircled by His peace. Their joy will not be diminished. They will not be abandoned or forgotten.”