A Question of Integrity

Illustrations by Rosalie Ledezma

This doesn’t seem like your work. See me after class.

What is it, Jay?

Mr. Blummer thinks I stole this essay.

Dude, you worked your tail off on that!

I know! I can’t believe this!

I know I haven’t tried that hard until now, but I decided to make some changes because I want to get into college. I tried my best. And this is what I get for it.

Why do I feel so trapped by this? This is so unfair. Mr. Blummer thinks I cheated, but I didn’t. I tried so hard. This isn’t who I am.

Mr. Blummer, I understand why you might think this wasn’t my work. But on this essay, I made an extra effort. Here are my notes and research. I hope it helps show this really is my work.

You may not believe me, but I want you to know the work was mine and I respect you and your class. I’m going to do my best from now on.

Even if he still gives me a bad grade, I know my worth.