young woman

I like to dance and draw. Mostly I like hip-hop and modern dance. I draw Manga or just whatever comes into my head, mostly from nature. When I draw, I feel peaceful and relaxed. When I dance, it’s just fun. My favorite scripture is 1 Nephi 2:15: “And my father dwelt in a tent.” That may sound a bit odd, but that’s my favorite scripture because I have a reading disability and when we would read the scriptures together as a family, I always got to read that verse out loud because it wasn’t as difficult for me. Besides that, I’ve also learned that there’s more to this verse than it seems. For example, it shows that Nephi’s father was a wealthy trader, because not everyone could have afforded a good tent and traveled with it. So there’s more to the scriptures than we sometimes think. The scriptures bring me peace. When the thought comes to me to read the scriptures, I know that it’s the Holy Ghost, because most of the time when I follow that first thought, I read something that’s very relevant to me.

My name is Sylvie L., I’m 17 years old, and I’m from Germany.

young man

Hi, my name is Benjamin! I am a YouTuber, filmmaker, and photographer. I love making videos, creating films, and taking pictures because I like to be creative and use my imagination. I love the gospel because it teaches us that we are all important to Heavenly Father and we are all His children. He loves us and wants us to return to live with Him again!

Benjamin P., England

young man

I’m Dallin. I love singing, acting, playing instruments, and doing basically anything outdoors. My teacher asked me to join her choir. I told her I would but I would not perform on Sunday. She said she had other Mormons in her choir, so she never had performances on Sunday. I was so happy that there were others before me who stood up for their standards. I know Heavenly Father will provide a way for you to be happy and keep your standards.

Dallin P., Arizona, USA