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The Extra Smile

Primary class and bishop surrounded by toppled building

I don’t know, Bishop—our Primary lesson was about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. We did a role-playing reinactment, and then BAM! The walls came tumbling down!

Kevin Beckstrom

young man praying in class

… And please help us to be more reverent next week than we will be today …

Val Chadwick Bagley

young man in doghouse with dog

My sister is in the house practicing her violin!

Ryan Stoker

He Knelt by a Tent

One hot, sunny afternoon in the open desert, after coming back from praying, Lehi finds that a hole has been torn in his favorite tent. He suspects that one of his sons did it, so he asks each of them to tell him what they’ve been doing for the past hour.

  • Nephi says he was practicing with his bow.

  • Laman says he was keeping scorpions away from their camp.

  • Sam says he was helping his mother get sand out of everyone’s clothes.

  • And Lemuel says he was with Laman … doing whatever Laman was doing.

After listening to each of them, Lehi immediately tells Laman and Lemuel to go fix his tent. How did he know it was them?

Temple Tracking

Happy birthday to the Church! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized April 6, 1830, and has been growing ever since. One fun way to track that growth is through the number of temples. The pace for building temples changes over the years, by revelation, but it’s always moving forward.

Test your Church history chops by matching the temple milestones below with the length of time it took to reach each one. Write your answer in the box. For example, on question 2, you’ll pick how long it took to go from 25 to 50 temples (not from 0 to 50).

  1. 0 to 25 temples

  2. 25 to 50 temples

  3. 50 to 75 temples

  4. 75 to 100 temples

  5. 100 to 125 temples

  6. 125 to 150 temples

  1. 3 years

  2. 6½ years

  3. 154 years

  4. 7 months

  5. 8 years

  6. 13 years

Crack the Code

Can you solve these terms and phrases hidden in plain sight?

Shape Puzzle

Which two block towers are identical? Towers may be flipped upside down for comparison.


Temple Tracking

1,C; 2,F; 3,A; 4,D; 5,B; 6,E

He Knelt by a Tent

Scorpions are nocturnal.

Crack the Code

Top row: cherry pie; spinning in circles; sword of Laban

Middle row: two thumbs up; four degrees below zero; don’t look back

Bottom row: Don’t forget to pray; crosswalk; And my father dwelt in a tent

Shape Puzzle

A and C