The Caribbean Area Music Program - Growing Strong!

Our goal is to help stakes and wards establish music programs that provide opportunities for its members to learn and develop musical talents to be used in worship services.  It is desired that those who have already developed these talents and those that are learning them, will go on to teach others and share those talents so that more and more people will benefit.

How exciting it is to see students participate in their wards by playing the music where there previously has been no one to accompany the hymns or play prelude and postlude music.

As Bishop Polanco  states ”Me siento a gradecido y muy contento de saber que ya siempre tendremos un pianista en todas nuestras reuniones dominicales, en las organizaciones auxiliares y hasta en la  noche de hogar familiar tendremos pianist  por mucha generacione.”

We are excited to be teaching two classes at the Institute as well as other stakes that are getting involved in the music program.

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Clase de música

Richard practicing, Oriental Stake

Pres. Diaz with daughter, Sarah, who will use her skills on her mission.

Brother Felix Aquino learning to conduct the hymns, Hainamosa Stake