New Country Website Launched in New Zealand


A new website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Zealand ( has been launched to align with the latest version of on 27 August 2012. 

The new version of was released on December 1, 2010 complete with a new visual design, an upgraded search engine and translated content. The new version of the New Zealand Country Website has been created on the same platform as and for the most part will look and function in the same manner as its parent site.


To make the transition to the new easier, a Learn About page is available containing instructional videos that explain how to navigate the new site. Please note: This ‘Learn About’ page focuses on general topics pertaining to the platform. Specific information relating to local Australian content can be found later in this article.

Further to this, existing bookmarks to pages on will be automatically redirected to equivalent pages on the new site.


On the previous version of, the main navigation was placed horizontally along the top of the website. The new site contains four major forms of navigation, 'Scriptures', 'Teachings', 'Resources' and 'News'. To learn more about this navigation click here.

Main Navigation

The ‘’ menu containing links to 'Scriptures', 'Teachings', 'Resources' and 'News' for general membership is found at the top of each page.

New Zealand Navigation

The ‘New Zealand’ menu containing links to tools and resources specific to the New Zealand and Pacific Area Church membership is found under the main feature on the left hand pane of the home page.


News and Events

The Church News and Events section, located at, allows users the ability to browse through local news articles from Australia as well as articles from the Global news section of

This section of the site works closely with various sources to cover news and events of interest to Church members, provide global perspective, and cover stories from multiple angles. Articles can be filtered by topic on the 'Church News and Events' page to help visitors quickly find information that’s important to them.

Visit the news page by clicking here.


Service Centres

The Service Centres section of the site provides information, links, contact details and answers to frequently asked questions relative to Church Administration and leader support in New Zealand and the Pacific Area. Job vacancies, Temple and Mission contact details and other important information pertaining to the general  Pacific Area membership can be found here also.

Click here to visit the landing page now.


New Zealand Resources

The ‘New Zeland Resources’ section provides a central location for accessing helpful tools and resources for the New Zeland and PAcific church membership. Resources available include pages about upcoming Conventions, upcoming National Broadcasts, Church Service Missionary Opportunities, Ensign Inserts, Educational Assistance in the Pacific Area and more.

Click here to visit the landing page.