Church Service Missionary Opportunities FAQ

New Zealand

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What Are Part Time Church Service Missionaries?

Part-time Church-service missionaries serve at least 8 hours but less than 32 hours per week, and must live at home. They normally serve for 6 to 24 months.

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How do Members Initiate a Call?

1. Members become aware of Church-service missionary opportunities through Church leaders, current or former missionaries, or knowledgeable members. A Church Service Missionary Opportunities bulletin is provided for all church units in Australia for placement on notice boards. This is also available from the website. here. Information gained from any source may be confirmed through communication with the department requesting missionaries or your local Church Service Mission Coordinator.

2. Members must complete a form entitled "Recommendation for Part-Time Church-Service Missionary." The completed form is then given to their bishop.

3. A choice, or choices, of service preference may be written on the application before it is submitted to the bishop. The number of months of service and the starting date should also be established.

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How are Missionaries Called?

1. Upon receiving the application, the bishop certifies the worthiness of the member and concurs with the selected service unit for which the member has applied. He then signs the form and forwards it on to the stake president.

2. The stake president interviews the candidate before signing the recommendation form. It is then sent to the local Church-service missionary coordinator's office for review, for entry into the database, and for authorization for the stake president to issue the call.

3. The coordinator advises the stake president by letter when the processing is completed, and the stake president extends the call to the member. The stake president then authorizes the bishop to set the new missionary apart in his or her assignment.

4. Church-service missionaries are supervised and trained under the direction of the department in which they serve. The stake president and bishop remain the priesthood leaders to whom the missionaries report.

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What Qualifications are Required?

  • Must live at home
  • Temple Recommend worthy
  • Physically and emotionally able to perform the duties required.
  • Self-supporting and have own transportation.
  • Financially responsible for all medical, dental and eye care.
  • Willing to serve

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How Long do They Serve?

Church Service Missionaries serve 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on the availability of the missionary and the needs of the service unit. Assignments may be extended up to a maximum of 30 months, if the availability of the missionary and the needs of the service unit continue to exist. After a 30-month mission, a new recommendation form can then be submitted for another mission, either in the same service mission location or another.

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What About Other Church Callings?

Church-service missionaries may serve in ward or stake callings at the discretion of their local leaders, as long as their additional duties do not interfere with Church-service missionary assignments.

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How do I Get Started?

1. Review the service opportunities in the "Church-Service Missionary Opportunities Bulletin".

2. Feel free to visit, ask questions about, and evaluate one or more service assignments through the listed contact name and phone number. Prayerfully consider the assignment. Is it consistent with your time, ability, and health?

3. Carefully fill out the "Recommendation for Part-Time Church-Service Missionary Form," indicating your choice or choices of places to serve.

4. By appointment, consult with your bishop so you can give him your completed form and be interviewed for mission service. Be sure you include the date you're available and the number of months you wish to serve.

5. Meet with your stake president and be interviewed for your Church-service mission.Return to Top

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