Australia Service Centre

  • Service Centre Administration Administration

    Contact information and details for the Australia Service Centre administration team.

  • Management Team

    Contact details for the Management Team at the Australia Service Centre.

  • Finance and Records Finance and Records

    Accounts Payable, Public Liability, Membership and Statistics, Local Unit Finances, Confidential Records.

  • Human Resources Human Resources

    Church Employees and Church Service Missionaries.


  • Information & Communication Services Information & Communication Services

    Satellite Broadcasts, Meetinghouse Webcasting, Internet Services, Equipment Maintenance and Stake Technology Roles and Responsibilities.

  • Materials Management Materials Management

    Distribution and Magazine Orders, Missionary Travel and Visa, Vehicle Administration and Purchasing.

  • Meetinghouse Physical Facilities

    Meetinghouse operations and maintenance, Replacement and improvement, building functionality and operations.

  • Welfare Welfare

    Employment Centres, LDS Family Services, Perpetual Education Fund and Humanitarian Project.