No One Else Can Do It—Rescuing Cole

Part two of three. Read parts one and three.



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The attached video is the first of two examples of how to apply what Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches about rescuing those who need the full presence of the gospel in their lives.

"Conversion has to happen within the heart and soul of every individual,” Elder Perry says. “We can't convert a person; all we can do is invite them to come and enjoy the fruits of the gospel.”

“And that’s our first job, is to be a teacher and a trainer of them and let them see the vision of the eternities to come. And when they catch that vision, they’ll start changing their lives in a way that will cause them to become faithful in the teachings of the gospel,” he said.

He also adds that “all mankind is invited to be rescued and to enter the fold of the Good Shepherd, even Jesus Christ.”

Watch and read counsel from Elder M. Russell Ballard about how young single adults wards were reorganized so that they could be more involved in rescuing others. 

Watch and read a Church News and Events article about successful rescuing efforts in Arkansas.