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Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society

“Understanding the heritage we have, that this organization is a restoration of something that existed anciently, helps us understand that we are not a footnote in history or a sidebar in the Lord’s work; we are an essential part of building the kingdom and we’ve been organized to do such.”

Julie B. Beck, BYU Women's Conference, 2011

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What Others Have Learned

SterlingPosted November 18, 2011

I have been overwhelmed with the spirit of this book’s message. It has taken me on a journey from one sister to another across the world—all daughters of Heavenly Father who inspire and lift, comfort and build in extraordinary ways by very ordinary actions. It is a message of love and reverence and respect for women. I hope this book will be read and cherished and that it will remind women how much they are loved by Heavenly Father and how much they are appreciated by men who hold the priesthood. No man who sees clearly the role and capability of women would ever attempt anything of significance without asking for the help of the sisters that are close to them.

CeciliaPosted October 14, 2011

As a convert to the Church I learned of the great love Heavenly Father has for His children. I realized I could choose to live a better life. The order of the chapters in Daughters in My Kingdom is the same order in which I learned gospel principles that helped me gain a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a first-generation member, my greatest desire has been for my children to have their own testimony of the gospel and for them to pass this legacy to our future generations. As I read Daughters in My Kingdom, I realized that by serving in Relief Society I was not only teaching others, but I was also teaching my own children by example, and that they are ready to serve. 

NicolePosted November 4, 2011

As a single sister in the Church, I always knew I was a daughter of Heavenly Father, but I didn’t really realize what that meant. After reading this book, I see women differently now. I see them as strong daughters of God with great power and potential to do great things on this earth. Sometimes I try to do things all on my own. When I studied this book, I began to realize that I am not alone. There are many other single sisters in the gospel who are facing the same challenges that I am. The single sisters in the 1800s and 1900s were able to help and contribute to their communities and their wards and their families. I found great strength as I read about other women who have gone before us. It helped me gain a better perspective of who I am in God’s kingdom.

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How has your testimony been strengthened as you have read the history book? Email your experience.

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