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Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society

“Understanding the heritage we have, that this organization is a restoration of something that existed anciently, helps us understand that we are not a footnote in history or a sidebar in the Lord’s work; we are an essential part of building the kingdom and we’ve been organized to do such.”

Julie B. Beck, BYU Women's Conference, 2011

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What Others Have Learned

BrettPosted September 4, 2011

I am a single father of four sons and one daughter. This book is a great source for teaching them about the legacy of strong, noble, and faithful women who have been disciples of Christ in all dispensations. I really enjoyed the book, in that it delved into the strength of women and not just the goodness. I think women have both strength and goodness. The book also helped me see how the early Latter-day Saints were blessed by priesthood power and by the sister’s faith and charity. I hope this book will be a call to action to my daughter and all women to recognize their strength as daughters of God.

KarenPosted September 3, 2011

In reading Daughters in My Kingdom, I was touched by the knowledge that what we know today as Relief Society existed anciently. One of my favorite passages reads, “In an age when women were generally expected to provide only temporal service, the Savior taught Martha and Mary that women could also participate spiritually in His work” (page 4). The spiritual roots of Relief Society, which reach back to an ancient pattern of discipleship, are the bottom line of the book. Feeling connected to the women who went before me has affirmed my identity as a daughter of God and a woman in the Church.

JulenePosted September 2, 2011

Because I can't claim a strong pioneer heritage full of faithful tradition, I have sometimes struggled to find where I fit in Relief Society and in the Church. But as I read this history, the Spirit bore witness to me over and over again of my identify as a daughter of God and my place in His kingdom. I may not have pioneer ancestors to call my own, but I realize I do belong to this Relief Society sisterhood with a heritage of noble, faithful women. I can be strengthened by their examples, and I can be a pioneer by making and keeping sacred temple covenants, serving my family and those around me, and setting an example by the way I live.

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How has your testimony been strengthened as you have read the history book? Email your experience.

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