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Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society

“Understanding the heritage we have, that this organization is a restoration of something that existed anciently, helps us understand that we are not a footnote in history or a sidebar in the Lord’s work; we are an essential part of building the kingdom and we’ve been organized to do such.”

Julie B. Beck, BYU Women's Conference, 2011

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What Others Have Learned

KathleenPosted September 1, 2011

As I read the book, many things reaffirmed to me my roles in the Father’s plan—those of wife, mother, friend, teacher, laborer in the Lord’s kingdom. My identity as a daughter of God was manifested more clearly as I prayed to understand the principles and patterns within the chapters and what Heavenly Father would have me learn.

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TaddPosted August 29, 2011

This book has deeply strengthened my understanding and testimony of the restored Church of Jesus Christ and of God's love for all of His children. As I read chapter one I was struck by the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith: “The Church was never perfectly organized until the women were thus organized” (page 7). Those words in combination with the understanding that first chapter gave me that Relief Society is a restoration of an ancient pattern have forever changed my understanding of the role of Relief Society. I now realize that Relief Society is not just a nice part of the Church; it is a necessary part. I now see that Relief Society is not something you just go to when you can; it is something you are a part of every day of your life.

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MimsiPosted August 26, 2011

This new book, though small, is packed with new information and insight that can bless anyone's life. After reading the chapter on women in the scriptures, I couldn't wait to pick up my own scriptures and study more about the lives of these relatively anonymous heroines. It was also a completely brand new idea to me that some form of the Relief Society existed in the ancient Church, but, it makes sense. As a single woman I loved reading thoughts by Sister Barbara Thompson about my role and responsibility in families. Her words rang so true to me. Having served a mission in a small European country, I am so grateful that this book will be made available to sisters around the world. I hope it will build bridges between us wherever we are.

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How has your testimony been strengthened as you have read the history book? Email your experience.

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