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Answers to Common Questions

Understanding My Role

2. Won’t people call me a bigot if I don’t support their beliefs?

The truth is, they might. But your actions can show them you’re not. It’s important to understand what a bigot is: someone who is hateful and intolerant toward those who don’t share their beliefs. Staying true to your beliefs doesn’t mean you’re hateful to those who don’t believe like you do, and you can demonstrate that through kind interactions with everyone. 

As you show your desire to understand others’ opinions, even if those opinions don’t align with your own, you invite the same respect you desire. Some people may not want to understand your perspective or see past the labels they’ve given you. Continue to show them love and respect. That’s the best way to help them see, often over time, that you’re not a hater just because you choose to stick to your beliefs.

Watch an example of how you might respond when someone calls you a bigot.

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